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With his ciders, Oronce de Beler returns to familiar territories.   

Coming from old orchards located in the town of Cambremer, in the heart of the pays d’Auge,

the epicenter of the cider route. 

All our ciders are vintage.

MB-Cidre Primeur.jpg

Cidre primeur is cider that has not undergone the disgorging phase. It is "pulled-corked" and less than two years old. This cider has explosive sunny notes of caramelized apple. Its magnificent orange coloring and a nice bitterness perfectly reflects its origins (without claiming the appellation).

Manoir Hors d'Age frontale 2013.jpg

The cider of La Maison Romane is created from more than eight varieties of apple trees located in ancient orchards that have never known chemicals.  They are tall trunks, all aged between 15 and 80 years old.  Made using the champagne method, it is aged on laths for nine years and disgorged without expedition liqueur.  It is made to be gourmet and even aged. 

Our other types of fermentation:

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