Pale Ale Nova Villa

In 2020, we began a production of beer, a project that we had been fermenting for several years. Our first beer is a Pale Ale, lightly colored, and originating from organic malt and hops. It is a part of the family NOVA VILLA, which regroups the totality of our small agricultural and brewing productions.  

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Our Pale Ale presents some exotic aromas. It is warming and very fruity. 

Malt : Pale Ale, Cara Ruby, Cara Pils
Houblon : Cascade, Citra, Amarillo
Indigenous yeast

Alc : 4.5%

Mousses Sauvages

La Maison Romane also lends its name to a small production of vintage and wine-grown beers:  brews in limited series, brewed thanks to indigenous yeasts extracted from our wine fermentation vats. 
Mousses Sauvages « Cueillettes d'Automne » and « Pinot noir » are our first two cuvées in 2020.

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Mousses Sauvages "Cueillettes d'Automne is an high fermentation blond beer.

Malt: organic Pils and Cara Pils
Hops: Cascade, Citra
Wild Picking: Juniper, spruce, and hogweed
Yeast: Indigenous yeast 

Alc : 5,5 %


Mousses Sauvages "Pinot noir" is an high fermentation beer.  The brew is blended with juice from the pressing of pinot noir during the partial carbonic fermentation.  It is aged 8 months in an oak barrel from La Maison Romane.
Malt: Pils 
Hops: Citra
Yeast: Natural Saccaromyses,  pinot noir in fermentation  

Alc : 7 %

Picked from our hops

in Nuits-Saint-Georges


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