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In 2004, Oronce de Beler decided to leave Paris. Passionnate about the Burgundy pinot noir, he settled in

Vosne-Romanée.  His experiences grew one after another: a wine training in Beaune, several vinification internships in family domaines, and a first business offering horse drawn plowing. It was through chance meetings, discussions, and many tastings that La Maison Romane came to life.

During the 2005 harvests, Oronce de Beler bought his first grapes.

From the very beginning, he vinified all his vintages in the same way, that is to say with the least amount of intervention and sulfur possible, to respect the fruit and its terroir, and always with whole harvesting. Since 2017, La Maison Romane has moved to Nuits-Saint-Georges, with a more spacious vaulted cellar and thus the possibility to see bigger. 



Through meeting new people, Oronce de Beler built strong relationships with talented winegrowers. The grapes are cultivated using organic agriculture, biodynamic or with viticole methods that respect the soils and its living organisms.  The harvest is manual with a rigorous selection of each bunch, both in the vineyards and on the sorting table.  For us this is the secret to a wine of great purity. 



The very high quality of grapes selected is primordial because Oronce de Beler uses 100% whole harvesting. In the winery, only a few interventions are performed with the punching down done only in the final phase, without added sulfur, or with very low doses. The ageing of the wines last 12 months in old oak barrels. From the beginning, our wines are not fined, not filtered, and are manually bottled. All our vintages are waxed closed. 


Pictures : © Christina Rasmussen © Chouchane Delgado

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